gobu Pre-Alpha
Gene Ontology Browsing Utility


0.999 (2014/08/28)
20 MB, Hits25
Fix on extreme P-values of fisher exact test (upper/lower tails, for the MultiView plugin) . Improved memory saving. Updated GO data (obo format). 64-bit environment required. A file "" added for Linux/Mac execution.
0.99 (2011/04/22)
20 MB, Hits27
Modification for memory saving and some bug fixing. TopGO elim algorithm (from PMID:16606683) added into the MultiView plugin.
20 MB, Hits16
Fix a problem of generating DAG plots with nodes of very long GO term
0.95 (2010/07/19)
20 MB, Hits2
OBO supported. Tree saving. Plugins FastInput & ExpressionView added.
0.92 (2009/11/18)
40 MB, Hits
This package contains ALL plugins listed in our homepage.
0.91 (2009/03/15)
30 MB, Hits

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