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Note for Account Integration

For better user experience and services, OSSF integrated our three sites WWW, OF, and Who's who. You have to enter the account integration procedure before normal using. Please following the hints that takes you several minutes.

What is Account Integration?

For providing consistent and convenient service, OSSF merged WWW, OF, and Who's who with a single sign-on service. User can login easily with only one account.

Who's who's user accounts will be merged into OpenFoundry at this time. All registered user have to follow the integration flow before any normal operations. The integration takes you just few minutes and finish it with your patient, please.

Please login with your account that registered in OpenFoundry for Account Integration. If you did not register in OpenFoundry but registered in Who's who before, please login with your Who's who account and check "I am a Who's who user" for entering the integration.