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Activities [台北] 慶隆商務俱樂部


[台北] 慶隆商務俱樂部



地址:106-65 台北市大安區復興南路一段293號3樓之1

Address: 3F-1, 293 Fuxing South Road Section 1, Taipei, TAIWAN 10665

電話 Landline:02 2755 3915     傳真 Fax: 02 2755 3905

聯絡信箱 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it " style="color: rgb(245, 242, 235); font-style: italic;"> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

營業時間 Opening Time:09:00~18:00 (可 24 小時,需另事先申請 / 24 hours access available)

延長營業時間 Extra Opening Time:18:00至次日09:00 / 18:00 to 09:00 (next day)


交通指引 How to get here

CLBC 大安館座落於台北市的精品購物、文藝中心與金融商業精華區,緊鄰信義路、復興南路口之捷運大安站,並迎接2013年捷運信義線之開通,將具有捷運雙線之高便利性,未來無需轉車即抵達台北松山機場、台北101、世貿中心、台北車站(高鐵台北站)以及台灣桃園國際機場,步行10分鐘還可抵達 Sogo 百貨商圈。交通四面八達,兼具商務與休閒之舒適環境。

The CLBC Da-An is located at boutique shopping, cultural center and essence of financial and commercial circle in Taipei, close to the Xinyi Road and Fuxing South Road, MRT Daan Station and greet the opening of the 2013 MRT Xinyi Line, will have a rapid transit lanehigh convenience without interchange that arrived in Taipei Songshan Airport, Taipei 101, World Trade Center, Taipei Main Station (high Speed Rail Taipei station), and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, just a 10-minute walk to get the SOGO department store. Transportation is convenient, both business and leisure comfort.

搭乘捷運 By MRT

至捷運大安站下車,出口後直走60秒內可抵達 CLBC 大安館。

The nearest MRT station to CLBC is Da-An Station (Brown Line).  60 seconds walk to get CLBC form MRT Da-An Station.

自行駕車、騎車前往 By Self-Drive

鄰近皆有路邊停車位,館邊有「道慈大樓」(復興南路一段303號)停車場 B2~B4可停,每小時收費僅40元。(平面、機械/不分平假日收費)

There has public parking lot on the roadside around the building,  or you can go to Dao-Ci Building on No.303 Fuxing South Road Section 1 that providing parking service available. NT$40 parking fee per hour.

搭乘公車 By Bus

可搭乘41、 74、 226、685在「捷運大安站」下車; 另若搭乘 信義幹線0東、 20、22、204、226、22區、38 可在「信義復興路口」下車,步行30秒可抵達本館。

You can take route 41, 74, 226 and 685 to MRT Da-An Station. Also Xinyi Main Line 0 East, 20, 22, 204, 226, 22(Inter) and 38 to Xinyi & Fuxing Road, then 30 seconds walk to get CLBC.

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