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What is Resource Catalog ?

catalog-iconThe OpenFoundry Resource Catalog lists professional resources and applications related to the development of open source software. If you have any recommendation listing / category  or bug for this resource catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

System Management


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Aside from recovering your whole system, it also lets you explore particular backup files and check on your files which you have deleted. You may recover individual folders and files which you need, and not necessarily go on a full recovery from your backup.

Diskless Remote Boot in Linux (DRBL)

DRBL [Diskless Remote Boot in Linux] is one of its kind of software that uses distributed hardware resources and makes it possible to utilize the local hardware of the clients. It works on RedHat, Suse, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora and CentOS. DRBL offers a diskless environment for the client machines and also has a disk partitioning tool called Clonezilla that has similar features to that of Symantec Ghost.


Zilverline is what you could call a 'Reverse Search Engine': Zilverline is a search engine that offers web access to your personal or intranet content.Zilverline supports collections: a set of files and directories in a directory. Zilverline extracts content from PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, RTF, txt, java, CHM as well as zip, rar, and many other archives.