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BSD, MIT and zlib/libpng licenses

These three licenses grant a very large extent of freedoms to their licensees. They are virtually compatible with any other software license. The licensees are not even obliged to provide the source code and may only distribute executable binary files, like what they can do for proprietary software. Programs that adopt any of these three licenses can be used, in the development of another project, with programs licensed under any other licenses listed on OpenFoundry, and there are no compatibility issues. As these three licenses are relatively more flexible, however, the resulted single project usually adopts a stricter license. Please note that the MIT license permits the licensee to sublicense in the role of the licenser. This is different from BSD, zlib/libpng licenses. As for the license that the resulted program can adopt, this can be further divided into two situations:

a. There is no unified license that applies to every module involved. Each module will retain its own license.
b. The resulted program adopts a stricter license. As BSD, MIT and zlib/libpng licenses are more flexible, even if the modules are contained within the resulted project, but the licensees will have to follow a stricter license when they use the resulted program.

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