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Logo Name Summary Catgory Tags
javasway A suite of classes that extends Java Swing Software Development Java Swing
oslc-t Other / Unlisted Topic License, Java
sunshystar Communications social, Java, CGI, Chat
spl Software Development Java
ttuline-android Communications Java, Android, HTML
followme Other / Unlisted Topic Android, Python, PHP, C++, Java, Rails, VB, C#
khyeh103 Information Security Java, Android
chichardetector Software Development Java
goodcms Simple Web CMS on Java Software Development ZK, Java, Spring, MyBatis, Derby, WebService
morf01 Embedded Android, Java, MySQL
lawfulintercept 本計畫的目的旨在設計一個基於SIP協定的網際網路通訊監察:網路電話側錄監聽與記錄分析系統,本計畫預計以JAVA開發,能適用於有線或無線網路中,跨不同作業系統平台,並具備良好之擴充性,以因應特殊需求或雲端計算之環境做適當延伸。 Software Development VoIP, Java, SIP, Monitoring, RTP, PCM, VoIP Recording, Deep Packet Interpretation, Packet Interception
openneeds Software Development Java, UML
potixzk Software Development Java, ZK, Software Development
nrie Medical Android, Java, Html5
fadns Embedded Android, Java, MySQL
bamboo-bsc Other / Unlisted Topic Java, Spring, MyBatis, MySQL
heart Embedded MySQL, Java
nsc10002 Embedded Java
gpsblack Software Development Java


4G Mobile Communication Systems ANSI-SQL AR AUDIO Abu Actors Algorithms Android Anti-Malware Anti-Spam Anti-Virus Asp.Net Augmented Reality Authentication Protocol Automotive BSD Bash Bioinformatics Bonnie7819 Boot Bot Botnet Brigitte0416 Bug Tracking C# C++ CD CGI CMS Cast Chat Chinese Name Classification Cloud Computing Cloud Testing Code Generators CoffeeScript Color Compilers Content As A Service Correlation Coefficients Computation Cross Compilers Cryptography Cyber-Physical System Cybercafe DISCUZ DSP DVB-H Database Debuggers Deep Packet Interpretation Derby Design Design Pattern DiHam Digital Antidote Digital Content Directx Distributed Computing Documentation Drawing Drivers E-Book E-Learning ERP Education Elder Caring Elder Guiding Electronic Control Unit Embedded Emotional Support FLAC FPGA Facebook Feature Extraction Femtocell File System FileSharing First Person Shooters Frameworks FreeBSD Freeswitch Gui Fuzzy GIS GML GPS GPU Game Genetic Algorithm Geolocation Geospatial Gestures Google Chrome Graphical User Interface Graphics Grid HD HTML Hadoop Hakma Health Management Health-Monitoring System Healthcare Home Care Homecare Robot Honeynet Honeypot Html5 IDS ILog IPHONE IaaS Image Board Infiniband Information Object Information Security Information Sharing Input Method Interactive Interactive Whiteboard Internet Internet Cafe Interval Type II Fuzzy Logic Inuc Issue Tracking JS JackHare Java Java Swing JavaScript Joomla KML Kernel Kinect Knowledge Base LAMP LBS LddSample Libraries Library License LifeLog Linux Linux Distribution Log Log Analysis Lua MDA Malicious Website Malware Mantis MantisBT MapReduce Maya Medical Medical Informatics Middleware Mlog Mobile Molecular Docking Monitoring Moodle Motion Sensing Multimedia MyBatis MySQL Navigational Behavior Nccu Network Management NoSQL OBU OGG OSGi Object C Object-Orientation ObjectOriented Ontology OpenFoundry OpenSource Operating System P2P PAC Duo PACDuo PCM PHP PORE PR-SCTP PXE PaaS Packet Interception Passenger Password Manager Pattern Pen Perl Photo Photoshop Physiology Signal Pim Pixmicat Plurk PostgreSQL Power-Line Communication PowerWebPoint Private Cloud Profiling Programming Languages Python Qt RBFNN RFID ROR RTP Rails Real-Time Recommendation System Risk Evaluation Robot Ruby SIP SM-SQL SNMP SQLite SaaS Semantic Web SenseCam SensePhone Sensor Networks Sequence Assembly Sequential Floating Forward Selection ShapeFile Shell Script Signup Silverlight Simulation Sinatra Skype Sleep Smart-Home SmartPhone SoC Social Tag Software Development Software Evolution Software Quality Source code analysis Spam Spring StochasticDifferential Equation Stock Storage Streaming Style Subversion Support Vector Machine Sympy Synchronization SysML System SystemC TJplurker TV TWMAN TWMAN+ TaipeiMissionChurch TeXmacs Templates Testing TextEditors Timeline Travel UML USB Usability User Interfaces VB VCS VHDL VR Video Streaming Virtual Machine VirtualMachines Virtualization Vision VoIP VoIP Recording Warrant Web Application Web Service Web-Based WebOS WebService Widget Wii Win7 Windows System Winsock Wireless Wireless Communication Wireless Sensor Network Wpf Xbrl Xcode Xen ZK ZigBee book creative commons liveCD plone repository social unicode website wiki window system zope