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Welcome to Your New Kwiki!

You have successfully installed a new Kwiki. Now you should edit this page and start adding NewPages. For help on Kwiki syntax and other Kwiki issues, visit http://www.kwiki.org/?KwikiHelpIndex.

If this installation looks more mundane than you had expected after visiting Kwiki sites like http://www.kwiki.org, you need to install some Kwiki plugins. Some of the basic plugins you might want are:

  • Kwiki::RecentChanges
  • Kwiki::Search
  • Kwiki::UserPreferences
  • Kwiki::UserName
  • Kwiki::Archive::Rcs
  • Kwiki::Revisions

These plugin modules are available on CPAN. Visit http://www.kwiki.org/?KwikiPluginInstallation to learn more about installing plugins.

Brian Ingerson

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